Clinical research

January 2013, Dr. Babin and Dr. McKinney chosen to participate in AMS Elevate 522K postmarketing studies on Vaginal Mesh Placement in Pelvic Organ Prolapse Surgery for the FDA.

The FDA requested some very specific follow-up studies on the placement of mesh via the vaginal route.  Dr. Babin and Dr. McKinney are excited to have been chosen to participate in these important studies.  They were chosen to participate due to their experience in placing vaginal mesh and the safety records as well as surgical outcomes they have experienced over the last decade of placing vaginal mesh in their patients.  Dr. Babin and Dr. McKinney believe these studies are paramount in helping resolve the controversies that currently surround this important option for women who suffer pelvic organ prolapse and have risk factors for failure of a surgical repair with native tissue alone.  Again, these meshes are already approved by the FDA for use in surgery and many patients have undergone this exact mesh placement over the last several years.  You can feel confident about participating in this study if you are a patient determined to need a mesh for your prolapse repair as it would be the same mesh that would be used if you were not in the study.

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